Download and Install

Documentation on the concepts and how to use the Service Binder.

Service Binder Download (Version 1.1.1 see ChangeLog)


You can install the ServiceBinder directly into OSCAR (1.0) through OBR.

-> obr install "Service Binder"

You can also get the sources (BSD license) through OBR.

-> obr source /home/myhome "Service Binder"

Other OSGi frameworks:

To install directly in your OSGi framework, use your framework's install command and directly specify the URL for the ServiceBinder bundle:

-> install

The sources can be obtained at the following URL:

Previous versions:

Current version is 1.1.1, you can also download the first stable version (1.0) at the following URL

Architecture Viewer

This is an experimental viewer that displays the different component instances and their bindings at runtime. To use it, you must activate the Service Binder's bundle.

Architecture Viewer

Click to see a bigger image.

To install the architecture viewer, just use the following URL (This bundle will be put into OBR soon)

-> install

Note: The ServiceBinder uses the kxml XML parser and architecture viewer uses the JGraph graph library, these are included in the bundles.


Download Some simple examples. Here are some instructions on how to use them.

Last revision: 18 June 2004
(c) H. Cervantes and R.S. Hall